MRCP Part 2: Your exam results

For candidates who tested in a UK centre, the MRCP Part 2 results are mailed to you within four weeks of the exam. Candidates who sat the exam in Abu Dhabi, Malta, Oman, Qatar and West Indies will also have results sent individually. Results for other overseas centres will be distributed locally by the Centre Organiser.

Results are never given over phone or fax. However, if you want to know the exact date which results will be sent, you can call an answerphone announcement at 020 7935 4911 for this information. The announcement will be recorded within three weeks of the date you sat the exam.

If you have used 123Doc Education as a study aid for exam preparation, please be sure to contact us to let us know how you did.

Results of successful candidates are now also posted on the website. However, it is possible for candidates to 'opt out' and ask the Royal College not to publish their name.