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123Doc is a medical publisher specialised in online and blended learning.

We deliver customized educational programs in the medical field, both in the form of seminars and online courses.

Online e-courses

Our product range includes online e-courses for Medical students, Nurses and allied health care professionals, Foundation doctors, junior doctors preparing for postgraduate exams, GPs and Consultants.

Blended learning

123Doc understands that the most efficient and economical learning solutions include a combination of seminars and lectures, along with individual online learning. Most our seminars are combined with additional online learning to allow further personal studies.

To know more about our range of products, for both individuals or for institutions and NHS Trusts, please contact us.

Management team

Sabine Guerry

Master Economics, Electrical Engineer, Master of Business Administration (INSEAD)

After qualifying with a degree in engineering, Sabine worked as a Method Engineer in the car industry (Renault) for 4 years before moving into Management Consultancy. She then undertook an MBA at INSEAD (1993), and became the Business Planning Manager for EMI Classics International in London.

In 1995, she moved to Warner Music as International were she was successively Marketing Manager and Director of International Marketing (worldwide) for one of Warner Music's labels (Erato Music, Paris). During this period, her skills in Artist development and marketing were demonstrated by an increase in sales of new releases by 30%.

From her years in the car industry, Sabine developed an interest for productivity and "time saving" processes, which led her recently to focus her attention toward the Internet industry, and in particular Internet Education.

In 2000, she founded 123Doc Education and has since been the company's CEO. She has devoted a large part of her time to the development of 123Doc website, a comprehensive and intuitive teaching tool where students can access information of different complexity, designed to give them an edge over their competitors in passing examinations or to further their professional knowledge.

123Doc has become the most visited website for Junior Doctors in the UK.

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