MRCP Part 2: How to register

To enter the MRCP Part 2 examination, you must fill in the application forms, which are available from all three Colleges and all Overseas Centres. Applications for UK MRCP Part 2 examinations can be returned to any of the three Colleges, while applications to sit the MRCP Part 2 exams at an overseas centre should be submitted directly to the centre you will be sitting the exam.

Contact the Royal Colleges for information on proper documentation and qualifications.


  • UK MRCP Part 2 centres:

    For 2004, the fee to sit the Part 2 examination in the UK is £285.

    Cheques should be payable (in Sterling) to the College of entry to:

    • The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
    • The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
    • The Royal College of Physicians of London
  • Overseas:

    Contact the relevant overseas centre (see list in 'Where to take the exam' section)