Video Review Course: Statistics and Epidemiology

Studying Statistics and Epidemiology

Dr Ian Forde teaches Statistics and Epidemiology

Statistics and Epidemiology Chapters

  • Statistics and Epidemiology
  • Syllabus
  • central tendency
  • Measure of spread
  • Cumulative frequency
  • Interquartile range
  • Skewed distributions
  • Box and whisker plots
  • The normal distribution
  • The normal distribution
  • Standard error of the mean
  • Standard error of the mean
  • Type I and type II errors
  • Using p-values
  • Using p-values
  • Correlation and regression
  • Correlation and regression
  • Epidemiology and Clinical Trials
  • Syllabus
  • Exposure ? Outcome
  • Some definitions
  • Measuring accuracy
  • Table
  • Question 16 Intro
  • Question 17 Explained
  • Question 18 Intro
  • Question 18 Explained
  • Prevention
  • Bias
  • Intention to Treat Analyses
  • Video Feedback

Lecturer: Dr. Ian Forde

Ian qualified in Medicine and Social and Political Science from Cambridge University. He completed his clinical training at Oxford University. Aiming for a career in health policy, he gained membership of the Royal College of Physicians whilst on the Hammersmith SHO rotation and is now a Specialist Registrar in Public Health on the London/KSS rotation. He regularly teaches nurses and medical students on aspects of Public Health and has been teaching Statistics and Epidemiology on 123Doc MRCP and MRCPCH courses for three years.


  • 69 minutes


  • Fully animated, internet-enhanced presentation as used in the classroom lecture.
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  • Ability to watch the video in installments and come back to the same point at any time in the future.
  • Complete script for users unable to listen to the presentation.
  • The 123Doc Statistics and Epidemiology online video lecture is highly flexible, allowing you to study anytime, from any computer connected to the internet.

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