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  2. hi guys ,
    can anyone give me tips for preparing MRCPCH 1 part one exam in India .
    will 2 months will be sufricient for preparation .

  3. Hello doctor,
    It is not an easy advice believe me.
    It depends on your back ground information and your readings in the past and sure the clinical experience has some role, though not a big role in part 1 exam.
    For the preparation:
    There is no one book or resource that will contain every single information you will need. However, the RCHPCH published a nice book you can use.
    Here in our website you can find some good stuff and lectures also if you just google the books for MRCPCH part i you will get good resources.
    I can give you my 2 cents tips:
    Have a good reading for any resource you have and you feel comfortable with. Then after that start doing mcqs as much as you can. The more you go through the questions and the explanations the better your preparation.
    Do not read textbooks, it is just a waste of time, and I'm talking strictly about the exam. You can keep the textbook as a reference to go back to when you need but never as a primary resource for the test.
    The exam is not testing you and your memory and how much you can memorize. It tests your ability to analyze the question.

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