MRCP Part 1: Composition of the exam

Composition of the Exam:
Clinical Haematology And Oncology15
Clinical Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology20
Clinical Science25
Infectious Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Diseases15
Respiratory Medicine15

The MRCP Part 1 examination now consists of two papers containing 100 "best of five" format multiple choice questions. The candidates will have three hours to write each paper.

Score: There is no negative marking. For each answer, candidates receive a mark of +1 for each correct answer and a mark of 0 for each incorrect answer. Moreover, marks will not be awarded where more than one answer is given or where the answer sheet is spoiled or unreadable.

Example of a Best of Five question (BOF)

A young man has intractable epilepsy with numerous admissions to hospital with status in spite of good compliance with anti-convulsant treatment. He is being considered for a right temporal lobectomy.

Which visual field defect is he likely to develop following this surgical procedure:-

  • Left homonymous superior quadrantanopia
  • Right homonymous superior quadrantanopia
  • Left homonymous inferior quadrantanopia
  • Right homonymous inferior quadrantanopia
  • Left homonymous hemianopia