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Four cases in gastroenterology

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Robert I Fearn BSc (hons) MRC P (Lond), Jaishel Patel BSc (hons), Wei-Jia Zhang MA BA (hons), Marta S Carpani MD MSc
Foundation Years Journal, volume 5, issue 8, p.43 (123Doc Education, London, September 2011)


We present four cases of in gastroenterology, and a picture quiz with each.

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Robert I Fearn BSc (hons) MRC P (Lond)

Specialist Registrar in Gastroenterology
Barnet and Chase Farm NHS Trust

Jaishel Patel BSc (hons)

Core Medical Training Year 2
Barnet and Chase Farm NHS Trust

Wei-Jia Zhang MA BA (hons)

Foundation Year 2
Barnet and Chase Farm NHS Trust

Marta S Carpani MD MSc

Consultant Gastroenterologist
Barnet and Chase Farm NHS Trust


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