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Alcoholic liver disease

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Philip SJ Hall MB BCh BAO (Hons), Ian Carl MPhil MRCP (Edin), Neil I McDougall MD FRCP (Edin), W. Jonathan Cash MD MRCP
Foundation Years Journal, volume 5, issue 8, p.55 (123Doc Education, London, September 2011)


This case based discussion follows the clinical course of a 42 year old man who drinks alcohol to excess and presents with deranged liver tests. It will focus on the assessment and diagnosis of liver disease caused by alcohol misuse and the management of clinical problems related to this disease process.

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Philip SJ Hall MB BCh BAO (Hons)

SHO Gastroenterology
The Liver Unit, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

Ian Carl MPhil MRCP (Edin)

Gastroenterology SPR
The Liver Unit, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

Neil I McDougall MD FRCP (Edin)

Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist
The Liver Unit, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

W. Jonathan Cash MD MRCP

Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist
The Liver Unit, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast


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